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A Holistic Approach to Financial Planning

The term “holistic” bears special meaning to us. Wealth management is a process, and for our process to work, it is crucial that we understand you as a person — a whole person. It matters to us what’s at stake for you, be it the financial foundation to raise a family or start a business, the retirement of your dreams or the peace of mind knowing that your savings and your family are protected down the road.

That’s why we give special attention to:

  • Portfolio diversification and dollar-cost averaging strategies to protect you against unpredictable market fluctuations
  • Sustainable and durable investment vehicles
  • Building trust with you through transparent, compassionate and informative communication
  • Finding the right fit between you and your financial advisor

The details matter. It is our duty as financial advisors to put you first, and to put you first we need to understand who you are and where you want to be. That way, you can get excited for the future knowing that we have your back. Leading question: You used the term “holistic” to describe your approach to financial planning, talk a bit about how this differentiates you from other financial institutions, what this means to you, and how this approach is especially beneficial to a 750 SW client?

Young Asian couple and agent discuss financial planning

Prioritizing Peace of Mind

The success of any financial plan is based on three things: portfolio diversification, timing your market, and asset allocation. Of these three things, asset diversification accounts for about 93% of your rate of return. Trying to predict and take advantage of market fluctuations, meanwhile, is unpredictable, and a risky strategy that can quickly lead to significant losses.

Instead, we take a sustainable, long-term, approach to investing your money. By contributing money consistently to a diverse portfolio each month over the course of months, years, and decades, we can significantly reduce the impact of a volatile market and create a secure and sustainable financial path for you.

The 750 SW Process

We believe that financial planning is about a whole lot more than just managing money. Instead, we see our job differently: we are helping you manage your goals and achieve peace of mind knowing that those goals are attainable for you. We accomplish this through a thorough understanding of wealth management, risk, sustainable investment strategies, and most of all, you.

The Process Is Ours. The Plan Is Yours.

At the end of the day, it’s as simple as this: we’re people looking out for other people. At 750 Southwest Financial, we’ll provide an honest financial assessment and a basic plan, free of charge.